Wednesday, 25 April 2018
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VIEW of the Future Project Website
Information Society Technologies Website

What is i-dove?

i-dove is the first on-line, interactive, prototype support tool for the development of Virtual Environments (VEs). i-dove has been developed by FORTH in the context of the VIEW of the future (IST – 2000 – 26089), a research and development project funded by the European Commission in the context of the Information Society Technologies Programme.

Design and develop safe and empowering Virtual Reality applications

What does i-dove offer?

  • Guidelines, standards, design rules, case studies, references and other sources of ergonomic knowledge related to VE development
  • Context-sensitive guidance on the development of safe and empowering VEs
  • Online interactive tools (i-tools) providing step by step help for VEs development
  • Glossaries and dictionaries for VE-related terminology
  • Online community tools (e.g., reviews & ratings of all available information)
  • Customizable and personalized user interface and content

Why should I register?

  • To gain access to i-dove information and tools
  • To receive your personal, fully customizable, interface and content
  • To receive authorization for creating your own i-tools for developing VEs
  • To share your knowledge and disseminate the results of your work
  • To become a member of the first online community for the design and development of virtual environments.